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Whirlwind Weekend

I am slipping in a post before Sunday is officially finished.  It's been a busy weekend here in Smalltownland.  Prom was Saturday and it is an all day event.  Hair, make-up, pictures, dinner, and time with friends takes up the whole day.  Oh, and then Prom is that evening.  

Saturday also had me running around town taking pictures of my girl and doing photographs for several of her friends.  

Much of the town gathers at the high school to watch the students walk in with all their finery.  

Each student is announced, along with their date/friend, and they walk down a long set of stairs and through a runway into the building. It's a lot of wonderful small town drama.  

An after party is held at a local bowling alley.  Students are treated to plenty of food, games, bowling, and time with friends.  A local community group has been holding this event for a number of years and it is a huge success.  
Back to work tomorrow.....maybe I can rest a bit.  

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